5 reasons you should be offering Facial Aesthetics

With the Facial Aesthetics (FA) sector growing year on year, there is no better time to consider expanding your skills and generating another income stream for your dental practice.

Here are our top five reasons why you should be offering facial aesthetics:

1. The Facial Aesthetics sector grew by 15% last year
This upward trend is predicted to carry on growing. Attitudes are changing and FA will soon become as normal as tooth whitening.

2. Generate a new income stream for your practice
There is no expensive equipment needed and you can start offering a range of treatments with a high ROI.

3. The public are becoming more aware of botched treatments
With mainstream and social media coverage of botched treatments, the public are searching for the most suitable practitioners to carry out their treatments to a high standard.

4. Patients who opt for orthodontic treatment are highly cosmetically aware
These patients will be purchasing FA treatments from your competitors if you aren’t providing what they need in your dental practice.

5. High customer value with repeat treatments
Customers who book FA treatments are likely to turn into a loyal customer for your dental practice, booking repeat treatments and may also be interested in cosmetic dental treatment.

How can I learn more about introducing facial aesthetics to my dental practice?

Wired is delighted to team up with Dr Tim Eldridge for a 1 day intro course on how to introduce Facial Aesthetics to your practice, the benefits, regulations and treatment types most likely to enhance your dentistry.

Click here for more information or email Jackie on course@wired-orthodontics.co.uk