6 Tips For Smarter Learning

Wired Orthodontics has been running a series of post graduate education courses over the last nine years and throughout this time we have built up a great rapport with many of our delegates, who often say to us after just one course they feel they’re part of a strong community and ready to increase their business potential.

Part of our smarter working series, and beyond our 6 tips working from home, course director Jackie Langman, asked a few of our top drawer delegates for reviews of courses that they have found to be invaluable to them and their growth within their professional work, and, practice health.

After observing and listening to many delegates who have been on courses, Jackie put together a few ‘top tips’ for getting the most out of a dental course.


  • Always try to arrive the night before a course so you can have a good night’s sleep and be alert and ready. The days are intensive and loaded with information so while getting up early and driving on the morning might mean a night at home we know that delegates who have travelled any distance in the morning often remark how tired they were and less able to concentrate.
  • Please try and arrange work so that you are not having to take numerous calls throughout the day, this is obviously very distracting for you and maybe for others too. As you are investing in a course it’s good to be focused and fully engaged.
  • Mingle and chat with fellow delegates during the breaks and lunchtime. Fellow delegates will be experiencing similar issues and problems that you do and may be able to offer advice and some solutions.
  • Never be afraid to ask relevant questions, the chances are there is someone else in the room who wants to ask it too.
  • It’s very tempting after a long intense day to hit the bar straight after the course, but first it’s good to have a couple of hours to relax and get organised for the following day. Make notes on any questions that were raised during the day or that you might possibly have for the next day’s programme. Usually the venues have gym and spa facilities, make use of these, sometimes an hour in the gym or a swim in the pool is just what you need to unwind.
  • At Wired we always arrange evening dinners, please try to attend these. Everyone relaxes more after a good meal and a couple of drinks. Over the years I’ve seen many working associations and strong friendships develop at these evenings. Dentistry can be a lonely job and sometimes it’s good if you have other friends within the same industry outside of your own practice to communicate with when the need arises.

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