8 reasons why we won Best Ortho Lab

It was exciting to catch up with other movers and shakers in a market that’s engaged in the biotech and infotech revolutions. Standing back, it’s possible to sense how the best dental labs in the UK are contributing to seismic changes in the human condition. If that sounds overstated, read 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari for a sense of how epoch-changing our work might be.

If you want to work with the best of what’s possible today in orthodontics you need to work with the right lab. Here’s an abbreviated version of our award application to FMC to give you an idea of what that looks like:

1. Innovation — the Wired Lab R&D department constantly strives to find new and improved ways of doing things to make our clients’ professional lives easier and more predictable

2. Unrivalled support systems — our clients start treatments with confidence in the knowledge they have specialist support on tap if they need it, which removes the fear of failure

3. Commitment to digital dentistry — and the benefits it can bring to products, treatment planning and team communication

4. Education — quality training ranging from our beginners’ online program through to one-day courses and our flagship 12 Day Orthodontic Core of Knowledge

5. Highest standard components — selected to meet a quality standard not a price point

6. Progression — we support our clients to progress to the level of orthodontics they wish to practise at, not to the constraints of a system

7. Business growth — we help to build our clients’ businesses with our patient acquisition service

8. Relationships — we take time to develop close relationships with our clients so we are able to exceed their expectations

Thinking of changing lab? Call 08454 853 748 or email to learn how the Wired orthodontic business solution can transform your future.