A Blast Of Fresh Air

I usually get a knowing chuckle when I tell clients I am working from home before we get into a discussion, the comments I often hear are:

“I just get distracted by other stuff and can’t get anything done.”

“My partner asks me to just do the school run, pick up a couple of things from the shop and pop a cheque to the bank and the morning has gone.”

I love working from home. I find I am always so much more productive and am able to stay focused on a task much more easily. I save just over an hour in travelling to add to working time.

I relish the silence for undisturbed thought. I also find I can do little jobs around the house.

How do I make working from home work for me?

  1. Let the people around you know this isn’t a day off, it’s production time and you can’t be doing chores for them.
  2. Get up at the usual time and be work ready, make sure your work space is clean and ready to be used. Don’t try and work amongst cereal bowls, bits of discarded toast and coffee cups.
  3. Have a plan of what you want to achieve and how long each task should take.
  4. Inform work about which calls you are willing to take from home on your mobile. Don’t answer the home phone, everyone thinks you are at work so it’s probable not someone you need to talk to right now.
  5. If you need a low background noise to work to then have the tv or radio on but be selective, I know Fake Britain and Cash in the Attic are not going to draw my interest away from work though Homes under the Hammer probably will.
  6. Don’t ban all little household jobs, I find mundane repetitive tasks actually very helpful. Pegging out the washing gives me a break from what I’m doing and rests my brain whilst trotting out to the washing line gets some fresh air into my lungs the blood pumping a bit again.