A Man and a Van

Last week we decided on a massive clear out at Wired, including boxes equipment had been sent in, offcuts of carpet, drawer set that “would come in handy”, dead steam cleaners, outdated exhibition materials and a cooker extraction hood! So much stuff that we asked a man with a van to come and take it away. This sparked a redecoration program which is spreading through the lab, things being moved and changed around for better, cleaner, fresher functionality culminating in our digital design suite being finished by the New Year.

How can Digital Dentistry help you clear out and re order?

Back in the summer, we helped Sandeep Mohal in Sandhurst with a similar project after me asked us if we could help, so we headed off and loaded up with study models from all of the practice ortho cases.

All his models were scanned and securely stored on our servers with a copy of all the files being sent back as well on a USB stick. The gypsum models and packaging all disposed of as well.

Head Nurse from Confidental Smiles, Katy, said “Yay, thank you for giving me back my stock room.”

But what could you do with such a space? More storage, disinfection room or convert it into a revenue earning space? TCO room? Scanning room?

For your personalised quote for this complete service, pick up, scan and storage, disposal and copy of all files call us at Wired.

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