Dan Woricker


Daniel Woricker


GDC No: 210111

Dan is the lead lecturer on our Integrated Smile Design course. He shares simple treatment planning systems that he developed himself, which saw his plan uptake rate rise from 31% to 85% and his case volume increase by 500%.

Dan and his wife Leesa own Sleep Lane Smiles Dental and Cosmetic Practice, a private practice in Bristol. He graduated from Newcastle University and completed a ‘short term ortho’ course after moving to Bath in 2014.

But wanting to offer patients more comprehensive treatment and feel more confidence in treatment planning, he attended the Wired Education Core of Knowledge course and started to find that orthodontics became a big part of his restorative treatment plans.

With a native interest in photography and tech, he began to use photos and a laptop to create visual plans for patients. They involved guiding the patient through what he could see, what they could see and what possibilities there were to improve appearance and health.

The plans included before and after simulations that were realistic in order to manage expectations, which became an essential part of his consent process. Dan found more patients went ahead with plans that were not what they came in asking for, but once presented with the possibilities they could see the benefit for themselves.

His patients are now more involved in the treatment planning process and have a sense of ownership of their treatment plans. Seeing the benefits, other dentists became interested in creating these plans, especially as no extra software or equipment is required.

This led to the creation of the Integrated Smile Design course which explains how to integrate the smile design process into everyday general practice.
It’s received great feedback from dentists and their TCOs.

Outside work Dan’s passion is landscape and wildlife photography and travelling. He’s equally happy out walking his dog or at home with his cat, a Maine Coon who outweighs the dog at 9kg+.