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5 reasons you should be offering Facial Aesthetics

With the Facial Aesthetics (FA) sector growing year on year, there is no better time to consider…


Wired’s View of Laboratory Compliance

DAMAS or the Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme is the most commonly used…


Mind the Gratitude Gap

On arrival at the Christmas break we usually slump into a heap to relax and enjoy time…


The new Core of Knowledge course for 2019

It’s hard to imagine how the award winning team at Wired could improve on…


Our Polish tech’s take on Brexit

Kamila is one of the skilled dental technicians at the Wired Lab. It’s been really interesting to hear…


What makes our lab systems better?

Here at Wired we have a variety of systems to progress cases through the lab, from the moment they arrive in the post through to being packaged up and dispatched back to you. But why do we use these systems and what benefit do they bring? The most glaring benefit is that they bring organisation …


8 reasons why we won Best Ortho Lab

It was exciting to catch up with other movers and shakers in a market that’s engaged in the biotech and infotech revolutions. Standing back, it’s possible to sense how the best dental labs in the UK are contributing to seismic changes in the human condition. If that sounds overstated, read 21 Lessons for the 21st …


Customer service is for the laggards

Customers are the heart of every business, their very existence enables us to do what we love and gives us purpose. Why is it then, so many get it wrong? At Wired we believe it’s the customer experience that is at the heart of what we do and whilst customer service has a place, reacting …


Add oomph to treatment presentation in one easy step

How can you add oomph to your orthodontic treatment plans, educate your patient and dispel their fears in one easy step? Use a dynamic animation file. If you’ve had a digital set up produced to help you plan your case then we can give you a GIF file, enabling you and your patient to visualise …


Patients trust more realistic dentists

Sue Bessant talks about unrealistic patient expectations and how Wired Orthodontics helps their dentists.


How to leverage your camera equipment and film patient testimonials

When I’m filming on one of Wired’s orthodontic courses, delegates will more than often ask me about my equipment. What I think of 4k, is Canon or Nikon better? The answer is: it really doesn’t matter. The power to create a video is. Cameras are just tools and something dentists can leverage right now in …


Hold it!

Do you worry about relapse of your recently debonded ortho cases? Will the retainer come back from the lab in time? Is this case going to the one that the Royal Mail loses? Do you use an intra oral scanner? If so your worries can be put aside. Why not scan your case that is …


A Man and a Van

Last week we decided on a massive clear out at Wired, including boxes equipment had been sent in, offcuts of carpet, drawer set that “would come in handy”, dead steam cleaners, outdated exhibition materials and a cooker extraction hood! So much stuff that we asked a man with a van to come and take it …


6 Tips For Smarter Learning

Wired Orthodontics has been running a series of post graduate education courses over the last nine years and throughout this time we have built up a great rapport with many of our delegates, who often say to us after just one course they feel they’re part of a strong community and ready to increase their …


A Blast Of Fresh Air

I usually get a knowing chuckle when I tell clients I am working from home before we get into a discussion, the comments I often hear are: “I just get distracted by other stuff and can’t get anything done.” “My partner asks me to just do the school run, pick up a couple of things …


Is the demand for ortho slowing down?

Sue Bessant talks about orthodontics in a changing world.


You Are Not Alone

We know the social media generation is obsessed with image, we only have to tune into Love Island to see the bevy of bright white straight teeth and enhanced faces. Perfectly groomed locks and eyelashes and its not just the girls, the boys also have beautifully shaped eyebrows, carefully trimmed beards and hands and nails …


Retainers and Digital Workflow

Now we all know that we can’t yet print retainers directly because there is not yet a material that meets our requirements of strength, durability, flexibility and biocompatibility. So why adopt a digital workflow for producing them? Is it not just a case of using technology for the sake of it and the retainer could …


How To Get Ahead in Dentistry

Tip 1 From: James McKee James qualified in 2010 from Queens University Belfast, with distinction in practice of dentistry. He gained a diploma of membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in 2012. James’ Tip – Specialist?: I detect a sense of urgency when talking …


Going Digital with ISD (case study)

Daniel Woricker, who practices at Longwell Green Dental & Implant Clinic in Bristol, has realised the potential and opportunities digital is bringing. Now, more than ever, digital has become an important aspect of peoples lives and it’s something he believes patients expect when they walk through the door. Going digital started with the treatment plan …


Lingual Orthodontics with Chris Ibbott

Cosmetic dentist Dr Chris Ibbott has always had a keen interest in aesthetic dentistry, particularly in smile enhancement and improvement using the most minimal techniques possible. However, he always had his reservations. ‘I found the idea of prepping large numbers of teeth for crowns or veneers a bit daunting and the level of intervention didn’t …