Secret Smile – Lingual Braces


Secret Smile is our branded
lingual brace package.

The appliance is made on a set up of the final outcome, giving the patient a chance to approve their new smile. The package is sent back with brackets in individual, hard acrylic, coloured jigs, a series of pre-bent archers, comfort guard, IPR advice and patient literature. This system is used in South Korea, a world leader in lingual orthodontics, because of its predictability.

We have added a bleaching blank over the position of the brackets to give the patient relief from rubbing in the early stages of treatment. The composite on each bracket varies in thickness, making up the full individual prescription of each bracket with reference to the final arch wire set-up. The acrylic jigs are vital for repositioning the brackets should you have a debond. The bracket positions may look odd when compared to labial cases, so in the patient box there is a pic of the bracket on the tooth so you can check.


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Secret Smile
Single Arch
3-3 Arch

Secret Smile
Single Arch 4-4 Arch

Secret Smile
Single Arch 5-5 Arch

Secret Smile
Single Arch 6-6 Arch

Secret Smile
Single Arch 7-7 Arch

*Dual arch cases are just under double the single arch prices. Includes advice from our Specialist Orthodontist. Kit includes – model work/digital set-up, self ligating brackets, transfer jigs, 3 pre bent archwires, comfort guard and care instructions.

Stay protected with the
Wired quality check

Our team of Specialist Orthodontists review every case that comes into the Wired Lab and won’t let you handle something outside your range of competency.


Secret Smile Clinician Review

Safe first step
into the lucrative
invisible braces

Provider status

outcomes using our
bonding technique
with acrylic jigs

20% of our
Core of Knowledge
delegates learn
this niche skill

Hands on experience
bonding a typodont,
wire bending and
water bath exercises

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