12Dec 2018

What makes our lab systems better?

Here at Wired we have a variety of systems to progress cases through the lab, from the moment they arrive in the post through to being packaged up and dispatched back to you. But why do we use these systems and what benefit do they bring? The most glaring benefit is that they bring organisation …

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05Dec 2018

8 reasons why we won Best Ortho Lab

It was exciting to catch up with other movers and shakers in a market that’s engaged in the biotech and infotech revolutions. Standing back, it’s possible to sense how the best dental labs in the UK are contributing to seismic changes in the human condition. If that sounds overstated, read 21 Lessons for the 21st …

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28Nov 2018

Customer service is for the laggards

Customers are the heart of every business, their very existence enables us to do what we love and gives us purpose. Why is it then, so many get it wrong? At Wired we believe it’s the customer experience that is at the heart of what we do and whilst customer service has a place, reacting …

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15Nov 2018

Add oomph to treatment presentation in one easy step

How can you add oomph to your orthodontic treatment plans, educate your patient and dispel their fears in one easy step? Use a dynamic animation file. If you’ve had a digital set up produced to help you plan your case then we can give you a GIF file, enabling you and your patient to visualise …

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