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Wired: your centre for
innovation in orthodontics

Wired Lab is unique because we use the best quality components and run training courses for GDPs looking to enter the orthodontics market. Our expertise across these two areas provides a unique proposition:

  • Higher margins (Wired Lab fees are about 75% lower
    than some aligners)
  • Even higher profits as you learn to handle
    multidisciplinary cases
  • Supervision that guarantees compliance

Dentists who use the Wired Lab always appreciate the professional development that comes with it. Most have completed our 12 day Core of Knowledge course and regard us as partners in their learning as their careers and earnings take off. We are unique in offering this mix, which represents unbeatable customer service for GDPs entering the lucrative orthodontics market in the UK.


More about Wired Lab and Courses.

The Wired Lab
is designed for
dentists who
want to practice
orthodontics with
the following:

Creative control
over treatment

Lower lab fees
and higher


learning and

The Wired Lab is designed for dentists who want to practice orthodontics with the following:

Creative control
over treatment

Lower lab fees
and higher


learning and

Your alternative
ortho lab options

Well known brands of clear
aligners offer the easiest and
quickest route to market for
GDPs thanks to internationally
recognised branding.

might suit dentists who have
no time or inclination to expand
their treatment planning
repertoire and lack ambitious
revenue growth targets.

no creative control in
the treatment planning
stages, no further
learning opportunities
and low margins.

Your digital dentistry partner

The Wired Lab is the best orthodontic laboratory in the UK for quality, support and versatility. We facilitate digital dentistry with CAD/CAM, and Integrated Smile Design — and you can send your intraoral scans to us directly — but most importantly we support and supervise you as you learn these profitable patient-centric treatment modalities.

Integrated Smile Design is a powerful consent tool — dentists who allow patients to “try on” their smiles via digital technology see a dramatic uplift in treatment plan conversion rates. The Wired Lab service is designed to help you boost your revenue and profit by supporting you with a full range of lab services, backed by one-to-one support wherever you need it.

Your Specialist Orthodontist partner

Wired Lab is supervised by Specialist Orthodontists and concentrates on crafting bespoke indirect bonding solutions for labial and lingual appliances. They work closely with you with an emphasis on clear communication and understanding treatment outcomes within the dental team and at the clinic-patient interface.

Beautifully crafted
products as standard

Our products are branded and beautifully packaged so that patients’ expectations as to the value of the product are exceeded.

Labial: our labial appliance Simply Smile is returned to you with clear ceramic ICE brackets in easy to use transfer trays, making for a quick and hassle free bond up appointment. As the product is bespoke you are free to request that we use metal brackets or upgrade to a clear self-ligating bracket such as Damon Clear.

Lingual: Secret Smile, our lingual appliance, is fully customised and we will guide you through the treatment with a series of individual arch wires specific to each case. You can learn how to start using this in-demand invisible appliance on simple cases after some initial training.

We are the only laboratory where every case is reviewed by a Specialist Orthodontist. We look at the difficulty of the case but also consider the experience and training of the dentist submitting the case. How do we know your level of experience? We take the time to email and ring you, talk about your previous training and your expectations of the type of orthodontics you are currently doing and what you wish to develop in the future. So not only is the product bespoke, the support is too. And the support doesn’t stop after purchase — if you are unsure of anything or want to review a case then the Wired Lab is here to take your email queries and telephone calls.

We realise that the days of labs supplying widgets are gone and we need to integrate with our clients and help them find business solutions. We are set up to be able to spend time talking to you, not only about your cases but also about how we can help you develop your career in orthodontics and how this offering sits within your practice.

That includes help and guidance on marketing to drive patients to your practice. As the majority of our clients are delegates from the Core of Knowledge course, we have come to know them very well and they consider themselves part of the Wired family, a like-minded group who support and encourage each other. You are welcome to join the community and receive the same peer support.

We were awarded Most Innovative Laboratory in 2013 and 2017. Digital dentistry is driving the way we work and we are constantly looking for new solutions to help our clients. CAD/CAM is shaping how we develop our indirect bonding solutions and advances in accuracy are creating significant savings in chair time.

New software helps us to communicate the potential outcome of cases to both patient and dentist and we keep our clients updated via a weekly blog post. Your Integrated Smile Design package acts as a communication document as well as helping with informed consent and protecting against complaints.

Simply Smile is our indirect bonding product. It’s designed to meet a quality standard, not a price point. The component parts have been curated by our team of Specialist Orthodontists as the products they use on their own private patients. The brackets are crystal clear ceramic ICE brackets, they have a recognised prescription, Roth, and are suitable for short term orthodontics or comprehensive cases including extractions. The brackets are delivered in transfer trays along with tooth coloured wires, an etch and bond product, ligatures, wax and patient information.

If you have no experience in fixed orthodontics our online training course can help get you started and the Wired Lab will be in contact to discuss the best type of cases and patients for your first cases. For those who have been doing some orthodontics with other systems, you will be pleasantly surprised at the level of interaction and support you receive from Wired Lab.