Patients trust more realistic dentists

What should you do when your patient has been given unrealistic expectations about their treatment outcome from an automated simulator?

If you sense trouble down the line, you’re right. The outcome of orthodontic treatment depends on anchorage, the skill of the dentist, the biology of the patient, and with aligner therapies you can throw in patient fidelity around wearing the appliance.

With digital set ups, just like with automated outcome models, we can move the teeth anywhere on the screen and make any case look good.

But there’s a difference — Wired cases are overseen by a Specialist Orthodontist who wants to know about the clinician: are they a specialist or new to fixed orthodontics? Do they have access to tools like mini-screws? Are they attempting a dual-arch extraction case which needs control to re-establish a correct inter-arch relationship?

These questions produce a bespoke model of treatment outcome, bespoke for the patient but also for the dentist carrying out the work.

We make a digital set ups from silicone impressions with bit reg or an STL file. We’ll send you STL files of the start and outcome and a series of comparison images of the start and outcome in a PDF document. These images can be used to check your Secret Smile lingual cases before appliance manufacture and also be used within your Integrated Smile Design.

Patients seem to understand the difference between a generically generated outcome and a realistic one and they appear to have greater trust in their dentist after having the difference explained.

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