Cosmetic Orthodontic – Restorative Interface


Cosmetic Orthodontic – Restorative Interface




Cosmetic Orthodontic – Restorative Interface – Course Payment

Thu 17 – Fri 18 Oct 2019

Starts at 9:00 AM

St. Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club, St Pierre, Chepstow, NP16 6YA.

Jason Smithson joins forces with Wired Orthodonitcs.

A tailor made course specifically aimed at composite bonding post orthodontics.



In the 21st Century orthodontic therapy is not just for teenagers: increasingly, more and more adult patients seek orthodontic alignment of their teeth. Orthodontic management of the adult patient almost always involves a restorative component, so the competent practitioner should master both disciplines. For optimal results in a minimally invasive manner, direct composite resin is often the material of choice: this class aims to give a comprehensive overview of the restorative care of the adult orthodontic patient including diastema closure, black triangle management, the peg lateral and management of wear.

A full emersion comprehensive class, which is 75% hands-on, encompassing everything you need to know about the restorative management of the adult orthodontic patient. The course includes close support coaching by Dr. Smithson and an extensive course manual.

What you will learn

  • A simple approach to the direct resin veneer:- create masterpieces easily and predictably.
  • How to create believable life-like features such as fracture lines, opalescence and hypocalcification
  • Simple efficient polishing protocols to reproduce natural enamel-like resins.
  • Closing midline diastemas – simple, intermediate and complex
  • The black triangle – a modern restorative challenge.
  • How to handle the peg lateral and microdont teeth
  • Functional smile design
  • A predictable approach to reconstruct worn broken down teeth creating functional occlusions with direct resin. To include increasing the vertical dimension and re-establishing anterior guidance

Exercise 1 – Midline Diastema Closure (2 Teeth)
Exercise 2 – Peg Lateral
Exercise 3 – Buccal And Palatal Direct Resin Veneer For Worn Tooth
Exercise 4 – Restore Canine Guidance