Integrated Smile Design


Integrated Smile Design


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Integrated Smile Design – Course Payment

2020 dates to be confirmed

Starts at 9:00 AM

Venue to be confirmed


  • Develop skills necessary for creating an integrated smile design for both restorative and orthodontic treatment
  • To use ISD to improve patient communication and treatment uptake
  • To integrate your labs and other colleagues into the treatment planning process, creating multidisciplinary treatment plans
  • To allow the practitioner to create before after simulations of treatment
  • To help the practitioner move away from single tooth dentistry and provide more profitable and enjoyable treatment
  • To achieve this using software and hardware you already have available (laptop or mac with PowerPoint or Keynote)

Day 1 


  • ISD and facially generate treatment planning
  • Why use them?

Data Gathering

  • Record taking
  • Clinical photography

Creating ISD

  • PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Starting off
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Getting presentation made
  • Practical exercises using cases provided

Day 2

Advanced Techniques

  • Creating before after simulations
  • Integrating 3D scans into presentation, Kesling set ups

Hands on

  • Create an ISD on cases (your own is best) from start to finish

Tips and Tricks

  • Using templates to speed up process (provided)
  • Things to avoid
  • Laptop buying advice

USB stick

  • All tools needed to create an ISD – Step-by-step video guides
  • Handouts and slides from 2 days