You Are Not Alone

We know the social media generation is obsessed with image, we only have to tune into Love Island to see the bevy of bright white straight teeth and enhanced faces. Perfectly groomed locks and eyelashes and its not just the girls, the boys also have beautifully shaped eyebrows, carefully trimmed beards and hands and nails that look like strangers to rough work. These people invest heavily in their appearance.

OK, so the Islanders might not be quite representative of the general population (especially down here in the South West) but there is a trend toward an ever more aesthetic consideration. I am a dyed in the wool country girl and like to be out in the garden in my wellies but my hair is dyed regularly as well, even I am not allowing my grey hair to take over as quickly as my mother did. Wondering whether to make myself a set a bleaching trays passes though my head occasionally and should I see about fixing my rotated lower canines?

The world has changed, jobs aren’t for life anymore, people move around and travel much more extensively, life is not as set or certain and relationships don’t seemed to be viewed as a potential permanent situation. So people don’t settle or let them selves go as they might have done years ago. We are all permanently primed and looking the part ready for the next thing. The benchmark has changed.

This may be viewed as a bit of a sad and vain situation but the reality is a huge majority of older people are deciding there is life after 50. Maybe they recognise how much more life they are living compared to their parents and grandparents and are grateful for that and happy to continue to make the most of it.

Getting active, we have all had the visual experience of those lycra clad middle aged men out on their bikes. Looking after and investing in their health and appearance and making the most out of life is probably more important to this demographic.

The demand for orthodontics is healthy and growing so don’t assume that any of your patients wouldn’t be interested.